Welcome, Novas

Inner Eye Tarot is a virtual sacred space focused on living a self aware, intentional and balanced life. A safe haven for the dreamers and believers, those who seek a port to plug into the collective conscious and infuse life with something more. We are free to explore what resonates true to our heart centers using our own discernment, intuition and free will. Like the moon we are ever changing, each of us with parts submerged in dark and light. We reflect what we learn. When our own nature and the cycles we engage in are revealed to us, it can serve as a comprehensive guide to maneuvering through life in a more prepared and peaceful way. Inner Eye Tarot is driven to provide assorted tools, resources, guidance and assistance unique to the individual’s pace and place within the choice-saturated journey of illumination. We are each equipped with the capacity to create a life we desire, one enhanced with meaning and purpose.