Natal Charts: A Cosmic Colloquium

Unravel the mysteries of your cosmic blueprint! Your personal natal chart will be interpreted and illustrated into a downloadable e-book, culminating to about fifty pages, all about you. Imagine a snapshot of the heavens exactly as it was over you at your time of birth. These reports are fully customized, clarifying the contradicting information delivered in computerized charts. It’s a personal experience that will provide you with validation and a better grasp on who you are in whole. Your e-book will outline strengths and weaknesses, offer you insight into why you do what you do, highlight suitable vocations as well as prep you for upcoming challenges, offering handles on conquering thematic cycles and unhealed wounds. You’ll be walked through each factor and how it is derived, teaching you how to read your own chart and equipping you with a foundation in astrology. Required: Birthday, Exact Time of Birth, Town/City.

Natal Chart

Downloadable e-book containing your natal chart. Please submit full date of birth, the exact time of birth and the city/town.



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