Tarot Beliefs


Inner Eye Tarot’s Beliefs

The tarot is a mystery to many; to others, it is a means of therapeutic catharsis. An instrument used for the purpose of attaining a conscious clarity, a validating reassurance, a new way of looking at something, it can open up unrealized prospects, uncover hidden factors, aid in deciding upon on a direction, identifying burdens that must be released. Generally, a means to gain insight and to discover the answers to whatever it may be that often pervades the mind. It is not a definitive narrator of the future nor do the cards seal anything to fate. It provides a layout of probabilities and possibilities. Future is not written and can always be changed; the cards assist in opening our eyes to what needs to be or let go of.

It is vital to familiarize yourself with the ideologies and beliefs of your reader for there are a multitude of thought schools used by oracles in any divination process. A most beneficial reading stems from a common foundation where both the reader and questioner share a logic as well as an intent or goal in order to achieve an affirmation or closure on the subject at hand. Another belief to analyze is coincidence or synchronicity? If all things are connected, the cards chosen hold reason and therefore do become a “divine” tool.

The answers being sought are not magically found in the cards alone but in combination with the reader’s ability to interpret the images that come up as well as the questioner’s openness and understanding of the process. A well defined, easy to digest, absolute reading results when the inquiry itself is specific and pressing. General readings that are not framed around a particular question but to see where one is at in life, health, love, spirituality and the like do conclude successfully but when asked infrequently.

There are various spreads, or layouts, designed for different purposes. Customized spreads for extremely specific questions can be built by the reader and seeker. The client must not be afraid to spill the details surrounding their situation in order to avoid vague or loose ended interpretations. Think of it as a session with an empathic advisor. Think of the cards that are being laid out as puzzles to your personal perplexity; the interpretation as if it is the pages of your story put back into order. The conclusion comes into view as an outside, aerial perspective. From there, we can dissect.

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